EFM and Fibre Killer: New FTTC services, offering 320Mbps Download and 80Mbps Upload Speeds

Easynet have just raised the bar in the market for SME business based broadband services, offering (from July 2013) a staggering 320Mbps download and 80Mbps upload speeds with their new Etherstream V service. Taking FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technologies to the next level, Easynet are initially bonding 2 pairs (160Mbps down and 40Mbps up) and w...


Smart Internet a Perfect Platform for Amazon AWS

In a move to boost their market share for cloud services, Exponential-e have re-branded their flagship Dedicated Internet Access service as Smart Internet.  Stepping up the pressure on other business focused ISPs and Carriers, Exponential-e are pushing ahead with forging partnerships with storage, VoIP and security cloud providers, as well a...


Ethernet Prices in a Downtrend on Rising Supply

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Gig-E EoMPLS prices fall around the world but show widespread disparity Data from TeleGeography shows Ethernet prices have been falling around the globe, and the reasons are not far to seek. New generation point-to-point EoMPLS and port based VPLS have become the service of choice for enterprises over traditional SDH/SONET private line networks...


Is Broadband “Up to” the Job for Business?

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Picture the scene. You have an urgent meeting to get to on the other side of town. It’s rush hour and you absolutely have got to be at the meeting on time. A bus pulls up, let’s call it the “Broadband Bus”. The bus driver, when asked how long it will take to get across town at this time, responds “Well, this bus can go at a speed of up to 60 m...


Exponential-e bundling Free Cloud Services, like SIP trunks, with PowerNGN

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In what should prove to be an interesting move in the UK Market for Internet leased lines, Exponential-e are now offering PowerNGN customers the choice of 3 Business Cloud services, for free, with the service. Taking advantage of their Smart Wires service, Exponential-e are now able to offering businesses an easy and cost-effective way to save cost...


Data Centre Profile Pages: Turning the Lights On

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Here are two examples of customised data centre profile pages, listing on-net carriers and services being promoted: City Lifeline, London and ancotel, Frankfurt It’s early days, but we believe these data centre profile pages will become a useful platform for data centres to highlight the carriers connected (or “On-net”) and promotions available wi...


7 providers for EFM and Ethernet over Fibre in UK at the Ethernet 10 100 Market

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We're pleased to announce that there are now 7 Ethernet service providers advertising UK based EFM and Fibre based Ethernet services at the Ethernet 10 100 Market Any business looking for EFM, Internet Leased Line over Fibre will be sure to get a competitive quote at the Ethernet 10 100 Market Going through the different adverts on the system, y...


Data Centre Directory: a sneak preview

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One of the consequences of offering free advertising to Carrier Ethernet service providers is that we’ve built up a list of nearly 1000 data centres from around the world, and an early indication of the carriers connecting each of these data centres. We have been approached by many other types of companies, in addition to carriers, keen on advert...


Tinet EtherCloud Selected by IP Networks Inc. to Extend Footprint Globally

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Press release, 27.09.2011 •    IP Networks Inc announces its selection of Tinet to strategically market its network assets to the company’s worldwide carrier partners. •    IP Networks will utilize Tinet EtherCloud service to provide Ethernet services to customer base outside its footprint. •    Eth...


Exponential-E NGN (Next Generation Networks) VPLS plus (video)

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Not only are Exponential-E pioneers in the UK and Global Ethernet market, but they’re also a way ahead of the competition in terms of explaining the benefits of VPLS, and now “VPLSplus”. This video is well worth a view  Exponential-E VPLS Plus Details of the services Exponential-E are advertising at Carrier Ethernet Market.com here ...


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